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Astrakhan – one of the oldest cities in southern Russia

Russia tourists attraction Astrakhan, the regulatory Center of Astrakhan Oblast , is one of the biggest and most seasoned urban areas in southern Russia remembered for the rundown of verifiable urban areas of the nation. This city with a populace of about a large portion of a million people is situated in the upper piece of the delta of the Volga River, on 11 islands of the Caspian Lowland, around 80 km from the Caspian Sea. Photographs by: Slava Stepanov .

Most Delicious Russian Desserts

Dessert hold an important spot on the table and in the hearts of numerous Russians. Sweet treats are especially holy as they were regularly difficult to find in the midst of nourishment proportioning and deficiencies. The country has an affinity for dishes that will fulfill sweet-tooths, so whether it is nectar or chocolate that is your kryptonite, these treats are ensured to hit the spot. Syrniki Also a popular breakfast treat,  syrniki  are sweet cheese pancakes. Although they do rise and are fluffy, the cheese makes the pancakes a bit denser and more substantial than usual. They are made from tvorg (quark is an excellent alternative, and dried cottage cheese or ricotta will do in a pinch) and sweetened with sugar and vanilla. For dessert, dollop jam or berry coulis across them and top with sour cream and berries. Zefir Zefir is a well-known sweet arranged all through the previous Soviet Union, like marshmallows in surface and comprising of puréed

Traditional Russian Foods

5 Traditional Russian Foods Russia may not be the first to ring a bell when you think about a food place, but the nation has a lot of flavorful conventional dishes to attempt. Guests to Russia are frequently amazed at the assortment and kinds of Russian food, which is affected by Russia's association with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Borscht  Borscht is a beet soup that began in the Ukraine and was immediately embraced as a Russian forte also. Beets may appear to be an abnormal base for soup to numerous Westerners, however there are a lot of reasons that this generous soup is one of Russia's most well known dishes. It is loaded with meat and sautéed vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes. It very well may be served hot or cold, and is best presented with a spot of new acrid cream on top. Solyanka          Solyanka is a thick soup that is sufficiently copious to be a supper in itself. This soup is made with different sorts of mea

The Best Things to Do in Kazan, Russia

The 'Sport Capital of Russia' – well that is a decent title for a World Cup host city to have! Also, as Russia's self-declared 'third capital' after Moscow and St Petersburg, you're ensured an extraordinary time in case you're venturing out to Kazan for significant occasion of the most recent four years. Rub Shoulders with the locals in Bauman street Bauman Street, the fundamental person on foot avenue, siphons life through the downtown area both day and night. Nearby gift shops sit bistros, shops and exhibition halls with road entertainers and buskers out to engage. Around evening time people who are out searching for a decent time top off the eateries, clubs, and bars that the strip brings to the table. Probably the most seasoned road in Kazan, even an easygoing walk around it will take you past excellent sights, for example, the notable chime tower for the Epiphany Church and the one of a kind Monument Cat Kazan. Get a culture