Rostov on Don

Rostov-on-Don, Russian Rostov-na-Donu, city and administrative centre of Rostov oblast (province), southwestern Russia. It lies along the lower Don River, 30 miles (50 km) above the latter’s mouth on the Sea of Azov.

The city was founded in 1749 as the customs post of Temernika, when the river mouth was still in Turkish hands. It then became a flourishing trade centre. Between 1761 and 1763 the fortress of St. Dmitry of Rostov was built there, and a town developed around it, near the Armenian settlement of Nakhichevan-na-Donu, which later merged with Rostov. In 1797 town status was granted, and in 1806 it was named Rostov-on-Don. Because of its key position as a transport centre and port, the town grew steadily with the 19th-century Russian colonization and development of the north Caucasus region and conquest of the Transcaucasia.

Rostov has dozens of amazing sites. The most significant must-see on your Rostov tour is definitely the Rostov Kremlin placed in the center of the historic town. The Kremlin was originally built not as a fortress, but as a residence of the local church leader. The Yaroslavo-Rostovsky Museum located inside is a treasure trove of Russian icon art, while the other Rostov churches hold many of their own beautiful frescoes.

Another outstanding landmark worth seeing during your Rostov travel is Abraham monastery. Founded in the 11th century, it has the honorary title of one of the oldest monasteries in Russia.

If you decide to switch from historic highlights to picturesque nature views consider visiting the Rostov City Park located in natural beauty spot on the shore of the Lake Nero. Spectacular city festivals are organized annually on the park boardwalk and delight the visitors with fantastic parades, theatrical plays, reconstruction battles, and other breathtaking events. All these will certainly turn your Rostov journey into an exciting adventure.

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