Anapa south paradise

For most Russians Anapa is the epitome of a cheap sunny vacation in the south. But beyond the smell of shashlik, corn, and beer, the small town offers a cultural heritage so it’s really worth a visit.

The first glance fibs

After arriving by coach from Krasnodar (a three hour journey) the city of Anapa welcomes you with new houses, new shopping centers, new everything. In the center only a few streets are open to traffic - many are pedestrian zones.

From the bus station to the beach it’s a five minute walk. But you have to pass dozens of cheap souvenir stands, open self-service “stolovaya” cafes right on the street, people advertising boat tours around Anapa Bay, and some entertaining museums with reptiles, torture instruments, and waxworks. All the streets are fitted with speakers blaring pop and dance music all day, mostly Russian and Soviet classics.
Right behind the big “Golden Beach” adventure pool you’ll find the entrance to the city beach. “Finally!” you’ll think. But nope, you won’t even be able to relax at the beach: Here tourists lie shoulder to shoulder like sardines in the hot sand.
Anapa was a popular vacationing spot when the Russian Empire existed. After the Russian-Turkish War (1828-1829) the city became part of the empire and a favorite holiday and health resort. Along the wide bay around Anapa the sea is mostly quiet and flat. About 200 days a year it’s warm enough to swim and you can take romantic walks along the coast.
In 1900 Anapa’s first sanatorium was built. In Soviet times the city became the main health resort for children. All along the bay were built different health camps for children from the Soviet Pioneer movement. Many Russians know Anapa from their youth and now they visit the place with the own children and grandchildren.

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