Winter attractions in Russia

If you keep Russia in mind as a country to visit, you should consider making the trip in winter.
Here are some of the places that will get you amazed by this country in winter time.


You can’t go to Russia and not visit Moscow! This cosmopolite metropolis of more than ten million people is a fascinating blend of culture, nightclubs, and history. It is so diverse that you may just end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all it has to offer.Top attractions in Moscow include the Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb, the Kremlin and great museums (such as the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art or the Tretyakov Gallery).The city becomes a fairytale in minter. you would definitely enjoy it.
Saint Petersburg 

St Petersburg in winter has been describes as like “stepping into a Russian novel”. Frozen rivers and canals form part of a white sculptural landscape, which is absolutely enchanting, and snowflakes glisten in the sun.
The city is a hub for outdoor winter activities, with ice-skating and skiiing the most popular local pass times. Victory Park has one of the largest outdoor skating rinks in the country. 

Lake Baikal

Now part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage, Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest freshwater lake, measuring a depth of approximately 1600 meters, and completely frozen during winter. Due to its location in remote Siberia, Lake Baikal is not a huge tourist destination. And wintertime brings even fewer tourists, which is unfortunate because the frozen white landscape is breathtaking and like nothing else in this world.

The Republic of Yakutia

The Sakha Republic or Yakutia is Russia’s largest region, covering about 18% of its surface (almost the size of India, as a comparison.) It’s also one of the coldest places on Earth with average winter temperatures going as low as -30 degree Celsius. The record is -67C set in settlement of Oymyakon, in 1933!
If you want to experience an extreme climate, Yakutia is the perfect destination. The coldest period is from December to late February when it just so happens that prices drop and trip costs are significantly reduced. Just be sure to prepare yourself for the weather.

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