Top 5 places to visit in Moscow

Visiting such a capital as Moscow, you would definitely question yourself what places you should see necessarily, unless you plan to stay in town for long and have time to explore Moscow.

We have got your back and prepared a list of places that you definitely would not want to miss
Here we go...

1. Pushkin Museum

Pushkin Museum
If you want to see one of the best collections of European masterpieces, you definitely must visit the Pushkin Museum. The museum is divided into three sections which cover the themes: Byzantine art, the Renaissance, and the Dutch Golden Age. For a collection donated by individuals, you can also visit the Museum of Private Collections.

2. Cathedral of the Archangel 

Cathedral of the Archangel 
Perched in between the attractions of Ivan the Great Bell Tower and the great Great Kremlin Palace, this orthodox cathedral in the heart of Moscow and the mighty Archangel Michael is the patron saint of the cathedral. Reflecting the charm of the Italian Renaissance architectural style, this cathedral is built on the site of the original structure which dates back to 1333. 

3. Bolshoi Theatre 

Bolshoi Theatre 
For the lovers of art, and culture, Bolshoi Theatre is the place to be for them to witness one of the finest live performances of opera and ballet performances. Famous for featuring a neoclassical facade, Bolshoi Theatre is one of the renowned landmarks of the city.

4. Saint Basil's Cathedral 

Saint Basil's Cathedral
Considered to be one of the top places to visit in Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is also famed as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed amongst the locals. Being one of the crucial landmarks of Moscow located in the heart of Red Square, the cathedral dates back to the times of 16th century. Serving as a visual treat to the travelers, it happens to be one of the most-captured attractions in Moscow.

5. Red Square 

Red Square 
Separating the royal citadel of Kremlin from the ancient merchant quarter of Kitai-gorod, Red Square is one of the most interesting places in Moscow. Bearing the weight of Russia’s history to a great extent, Red Square serves not just as an attraction but as the heart, soul, and symbol of the whole country.

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