Top 5 festivals in Russia

It is actually very true that if you want to get the real taste of a lands culture, then you will need to visit that place during the festival season. Russia is not an exception in this manner. Many travelers prefer to visit `this place during the famous festivals. From music festivals in Russia to national festivals in Russia, each and every event are attended by millions of people irrespective of nationalities or religion. Be a part of these celebrations in 2020.

Here are the 5 top festivals that will definitely get your attention

1. Orthodox Christmas 

In Russia, unlike in other countries, Christmas comes on January 7 and the time in between you can witness the place getting decked up with utmost beauty. Each and every bridge, park, public places decorated with beautiful lighting.  Although it is celebrated at a different time, the spirit of Christmas is embraced so much. So if you are planning to visit his country during January, you can celebrate Christmas a second time after celebrating it on the 25th of December.

2. Maslenitsa Festival

This festival is also called festival of "blini" (Russian pancakes). Basically, this festival celebrates the farewell of winter and the dawn of spring. If you visit Russia during this time you will face carnivals everywhere for an entire week, eat many fresh pancakes and also witness the burning session of a straw structure which they call ‘Lady Maslenitsa’.

3. Russian Orthodox Easter Week

Is a festival that bears the mark of tradition in Russia. The observation of Easter according to the Russian calendar is quite different from the rest of the world. During this time the rituals related to Easter like those of Palm Sundays, are maintained devotedly by the Russians. This is the best time for deserts and if you end up being in Russia during this period you can witness the spirit of it and taste famous easter buns and easter eggs.

4. Victory Day

This festival  includes a lot of Patriotic sentiments while remembering the victory of Soviet Union after a tremendous fight with the Nazi power. It is also broadly celebrated by the military unit of Russia. This is the reason why you will get to see a lot of fireworks, parades by the military and many more. The whole military unit does a lot of hard work to showcase their discipline, other segments include the showcasing of many war tanks and missiles. So you will feel the emotion of patriotism while watching the Russian military marching down on the street of Red Square.

5. St Petersburg White Nights Festival

The time you will spend in St Petersburg should be between May and July as this enriching festival which makes the vacation of every tourist a memorable one. During this time not only that you will get to see top class Russian performers giving their best performances in various theatre. The Mariinsky Theatre deserves a special mention for their arrangements of 175 ballads and operas. Also in every corner of the performers who spend the night entertaining the passer-by. White Nights festival is actually celebrated with the purpose of making music art and dance a part of their culture.

Do not miss a chance to see Russia from every angle. 
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