Top 5 authentic things to bring from Russia

Every traveler, from time to time, likes remembering the trips he had, and souvenirs brought from overseas is one of the things that will always keep your memories.Needless to say, it is a great gift for your family and friends. Here is the top 5 souvenirs besides "Ruski vodka" that you can bring back with you from Russia.

1Russian dolls 

Multiple dolls wearing traditional dress that fit inside of each other, and called matryoshka , are still the most popular gift tourists take back from Russia. As Russians joke, matryoshkas are full of themselves...Today, it is common to see famous (and infamous) characters in the iconic form, including leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

2. Caviar

Who wouldn’t love to receive a tin of black caviar? The red stuff isn’t too bad either, while there’s also a vegetarian variety made out of vegetables. Eggplant caviar, which appeared in the Soviet Union, is still popular today.

3. Traditional sweets

Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Little Red Riding Hood, Rot Fronts bars, Tula gingerbread, honey, zephyr, Kolomna pastila... and so on. We hope you have enough place in your suitcase.

4. Banya kit

Coming to Russia without visiting the banya is like going to France and not eating a croissant. The hot steam, tea, and hearty food will stave off the freezing weather – there’s nothing like being spanked with birch branches and you can take the felt banya hat and massage mittens home as a souvenir. 

5. Valenki

Dreaming about natural eco-friendly winter boots? You can find them in Russia. Traditional valenki shoes are made from sheep’s wool and will keep you warm even in Siberia in winter. Did you know that valenki can even relax muscles, help relieve rheumatic pain, and heal cuts thanks to the lanolin in the wool?

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