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Traditional Russian Cloths

Historians suppose that traditional Russian costume started taking its shape in the 12th-13th centuries. Up to the 18th century it fitted well all layers of Russian society: it was worn by tsars, boyars, merchants, craftsmen, and peasants.
After Peter’s decrees (18th century) Russian nobility and the city costumes have undergone Europeanization. However, the national (folk) Russian costume was popular in the villages till the beginning of 20th century.

The Russian women’s costume was based on the “rubakha” (a linen shirt or blouse). It was made flaxen embroidery, silk lace, golden threads and spangles. Collars and sleeves were decorated extensively.

By the early 20th century the most widespread women costumes were of two types: the South Russian one with poneva, i.e. a homespun woollen skirt, and the Mid-Russian one with a sarafan, i.e. a kind of sleeveless dress. The typical color of the sarafan and skirts was red, as this color literally translates to “beautiful”.

One of the most common…

Authentic Russian Games

Games have long been an important part of Russian culture, with many traditional games developing from the pagan circle dances (хороводы) performed during the pre-Christianity era. These traditional Russian games were often played in a circle or as a large group, making them an essential way to connect with the community. While many classic Russian games are now part of history, others have survived and are experiencing a new surge of popularity in modern Russia. Now, you can discover the rules of some of the most well-known traditional Russian games.
Lapta is a bat-and-ball game played on a rectangular field. The pitcher serves the ball, and the hitter uses the bat to hit the ball, then run across the field and back. The opposite team's task is to catch the ball and launch it at the hitter before he or she has finished running. Each run completed without being hit earns points for the team. Cossacks and Robbers
One of the most popular games in modern Russia, Cossacks and Robbers…

5 beautiful and rare flowers of Russia

Like anywhere in the world right now, in Russia there are many flora and fauna species that need protection. If you happen to come across any of these precious flowers, consider it your lucky day!
Here are some of them.
1. Paeonia tenuifolia
Sometimes called the fern leaf peony, Paeonia tenuifolia is a herbaceous species of peony native to steppes which grows on the Balkan Peninsula, and in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Found primarily in the southern regions of Russia, including the Caucasus, the plant is now considered endangered: numbers are falling due to decreasing steppe spaces.
2. Nelumbo nucifera
Nelumbo nucifera (also known as Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, Egyptian bean, or simply lotus) has a very wide native distribution and is found in Russia European part and the Far East, including the Astrakhan, Amur, and Khabarovsk regions, around the Caspian Sea, and Primorye. Like many endangered flora, the lotus has been under protection since the end of the 1970s, but hu…

How to select and eat caviar?

Have you ever eaten caviar with a spoon? We’ll teach you how.

The average Russian family can save up all year and for the New Year’s table buy red caviar. It is caviar that has remained one of the most popular gifts in Russia. 

Red caviar by the pound
Red caviar is usually sold by the pound or in tin cans or sealed glass jars. It is better to buy caviar by the pound. Usually caviar in cans contains a lot of salt and preservatives. If you buy a glass jar, you can at least see the caviar, but if you buy a tin you never know what you will get. Moreover, the producer may deceive you by increasing the weight of the can.

If you decide to spoil yourself and buy black caviar, be particularly careful. Firstly, you probably have never seen it and secondly, it is usually illegal to sell black caviar by the pound and therefore the vendor will not be able to let you try it. 

What is caviar’s color?
More often than not you will find three types of salmon caviar in stores: chum, pink and sockeye. Chum s…

Russian Matryoshka

The word "Matryoshka" is among the top 5 words strongly associated with Russia. Only a few Russian words were borrowed by the languages of the world unchanged; Matryoshka is one of them. Despite the fact that the word is hard to pronounce, different spellings can be met in English texts: "Matrioshka", "Matreshka", "Matreoschka" or even "Matrushka". At the same time, there are other references to Matryoshkas: babushka dolls or nesting dolls. But how are nesting dolls made and what do Matryoshka dolls represent?

Matryoshka goes further than 125 years back. The first Matryoshka appeared in the late 19th century near Moscow. The doll's ancestor is a figure of the Japanese sage Fukurama which depicted a good-natured old man with an outstretched head. The figure could be split and had a smaller-sized figure of the same sage hidden inside, which in its turn also contained a smaller sage, and so on until the fifth one.

The Fukurama figurine …

Cinematography in Russia

The history of the Russian cinema may be divided into three periods: the Russian Empire period, the Soviet Union period and the period after Perestroika and the fall of The Soviet Union.

The cinematography was first brought to the Russian Empire by the Lumiere brothers themselves in the very same year it was invented. Also in 1896 the first Russian film, documenting the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, was recorded by Camille Cerf. The first Russian feature film was Stenka Razin (1908) byVladimir Romashkov.

Although Russian was the dominant language in films during the Soviet era, the cinema of the Soviet Union encompassed films of the Armenian SSR, Georgian SSR, Ukrainian SSR, and, to a lesser degree, Lithuanian SSR, Belorussian SSR and Moldavian SSR. For much of the Soviet Union's history, with notable exceptions in the 1920s and the late 1980s, film content was heavily circumscribed and subject to censorship and bureaucratic state control.

Immediately after the end of the Second Wo…

Kremlin, the President's Residence Palace

The Grand Kremlin Palace is a unique architectural ensemble and famous Moscow landmarks. It used to serve as the residential chambers of emperors and members of their families, and today it has the status of the grand residence of the President of Russia. The palace is open only for guided tours according to a schedule approved by the Federal Protective Service in advance. The emperor’ private chambers with authentic furnishings, a throne and order halls, luxurious interiors and murals – the palace never fails to impress with its beauty and grandeur.

Visiting Russia would definitely not be complete without dropping by Kremlin, a fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Moskva River to the south, Saint Basil's Cathedral and Red Square to the east, and the Alexander Garden to the west. 

Kremlin is known for its kremlins ("Russian citadels") including five palaces and four cathedrals, which also includes the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Tsar's former residen…

Top 5 Russian authors that will make you visit the country

Russia has produced some of the greatest people in the area of literature. The Golden age of Russian poetry began with Alexander Pushkin who is the founder of Russian literary language. After the Golden age various genres became popular in Russia, starting from poetry, novels, and short fiction stories to literary realism and symbolism. Many have written autobiographies about their interesting lives which have become widely popular, while others wrote about the political conditions of the Soviet Union and its role in the world war. Their work has been published and translated worldwide and has attracted many readers. Here is a list of the top five greatest Russian authors of all time.

1. Alexander Pushkin

Pushkin was the founder of literary poetry during the Golden era of poetry in Russia. He introduced the genre of romantic poetry and novels. His first poem was published when he was only in his teens and soon he was famous throughout Russia. His major work was his novel, Eugene Onegine…

Activities that Russians do in their free time

In order to enjoy the full experience of what Russia is like, you will need to know what are the activities that Russians do in their free time. Not just visiting sight seeing, but spending time like how Russians do, will give you a thrilling experience and cultural knowledge unlike any other.
So, here are some of the activities that you can join and feel the "kitchen" from inside.
1. Camping

Outdoor recreation is always refreshing. Russia is filled with beautiful lakes and rivers so camping is certainly an enjoyable hobby. Whether it’s with friends or families, there are many activities you can do while camping such as boat or canoes, BBQ, cooking, baking potatoes, singing or dancing around the campfire, and many more.
2. Playing Sports

One of the good pastime for many Russian are going to the local field and playing some ball.  Some of the most played sports in Russia are ice hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, figure skating, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and skiing. …

Top 5 authentic things to bring from Russia

Every traveler, from time to time, likes remembering the trips he had, and souvenirs brought from overseas is one of the things that will always keep your memories.Needless to say, it is a great gift for your family and friends. Here is the top 5 souvenirs besides "Ruski vodka" that you can bring back with you from Russia.
1. Russian dolls 

Multiple dolls wearing traditional dress that fit inside of each other, and called matryoshka, are still the most popular gift tourists take back from Russia. As Russians joke, matryoshkas are full of themselves...Today, it is common to see famous (and infamous) characters in the iconic form, including leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.
2. Caviar

Who wouldn’t love to receive a tin of black caviar? The red stuff isn’t too bad either, while there’s also a vegetarian variety made out of vegetables. Eggplant caviar, which appeared in the Soviet Union, is still popular today.
3. Traditional sweets

Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Little Red Riding H…

Top 5 festivals in Russia

It is actually very true that if you want to get the real taste of a lands culture, then you will need to visit that place during the festival season. Russia is not an exception in this manner. Many travelers prefer to visit `this place during the famous festivals. From music festivals in Russia to national festivals in Russia, each and every event are attended by millions of people irrespective of nationalities or religion. Be a part of these celebrations in 2020.

Here are the 5 top festivals that will definitely get your attention

1. Orthodox Christmas 

In Russia, unlike in other countries, Christmas comes on January 7 and the time in between you can witness the place getting decked up with utmost beauty. Each and every bridge, park, public places decorated with beautiful lighting.  Although it is celebrated at a different time, the spirit of Christmas is embraced so much. So if you are planning to visit his country during January, you can celebrate Christmas a second time after celebr…

Winter attractions in Russia

If you keep Russia in mind as a country to visit, you should consider making the trip in winter.
Here are some of the places that will get you amazed by this country in winter time.

You can’t go to Russia and not visit Moscow! This cosmopolite metropolis of more than ten million people is a fascinating blend of culture, nightclubs, and history. It is so diverse that you may just end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all it has to offer.Top attractions in Moscow include the Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb, the Kremlin and great museums (such as the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art or the Tretyakov Gallery).The city becomes a fairytale in minter. you would definitely enjoy it. Saint Petersburg 
St Petersburg in winter has been describes as like “stepping into a Russian novel”. Frozen rivers and canals form part of a white sculptural landscape, which is absolutely enchanting, and snowflakes glisten in the sun. The city is a hub for outdoor winter activities, with ice-skating and skiiin…