Traditional Russian Foods

5 Traditional Russian FoodsRussia may not be the first to ring a bell when you think about a food place, but the nation has a lot of flavorful conventional dishes to attempt. Guests to Russia are frequently amazed at the assortment and kinds of Russian food, which is affected by Russia's association with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Borscht is a beet soup that began in the Ukraine and was immediately embraced as a Russian forte also. Beets may appear to be an abnormal base for soup to numerous Westerners, however there are a lot of reasons that this generous soup is one of Russia's most well known dishes. It is loaded with meat and sautéed vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes. It very well may be served hot or cold, and is best presented with a spot of new acrid cream on top.

Solyanka          Solyanka is a thick soup that is sufficiently copious to be a supper in itself. This soup is made with different sorts of meat, including frankfurter, …

The Best Things to Do in Kazan, Russia

The 'Sport Capital of Russia' – well that is a decent title for a World Cup host city to have! Also, as Russia's self-declared 'third capital' after Moscow and St Petersburg, you're ensured an extraordinary time in case you're venturing out to Kazan for significant occasion of the most recent four years.

Rub Shoulders with the locals in Bauman street
Bauman Street, the fundamental person on foot avenue, siphons life through the downtown area both day and night. Nearby gift shops sit bistros, shops and exhibition halls with road entertainers and buskers out to engage. Around evening time people who are out searching for a decent time top off the eateries, clubs, and bars that the strip brings to the table. Probably the most seasoned road in Kazan, even an easygoing walk around it will take you past excellent sights, for example, the notable chime tower for the Epiphany Church and the one of a kind Monument Cat Kazan.

Get a culture hit at the Hermitage-Kazan Cen…

Russia Tourist Attraction

Hermitage Museum The State Hermitage Museum is a gallery of workmanship and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Established in 1764 by Catherine the Great, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. The world's second biggest historical center after the French Louver. From all around the globe, for the brilliance of Russia, and for your pleasure! It has an astonishing assortment of a huge number of workmanship pieces, from Russia, but from all around the globe.
Saint BasilThe Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, It's know as Saint Basil's Cathedral. The Most well known and vivid structure in Moscow. It's a christian church. Worked in 1554 and 1561 and arranged in the core of Moscow. St. Basil's Cathedral has been among the top vacation spots in Russia. Having both inconceivable design and strange history. the engineering can't one of a kind to the period in which it was assembled however to any ensuing period. There is no other structure on earth very like St. Basil&…

Visit Listvyanka

A small village 1 hour drive from Irkutsk, on the western side of Baikal, Listvyanka is the most comfortable location on the lake. There are a few hotels there for all budgets as well as many various tourist activities (boat rides, trekking, excursions to the more remote parts of the lake, winter sports).

Listvyanka is a bit overrated as it’s not that picturesque in itself: it just provides an easy and fast access to the lake, so it gets overcrowded at times. But if you only have not more than 3 days for your visit, perhaps it’s the best choice. Otherwise it’s better to skip it and to head further into the lake, for example to Olkhon island or to the Eastern side of the lake.

What to Do & See in ListvyankaWalk along the shore of the lake;Take the picturesque Circum-Baikal railway to Slyudyanka and back.Eat the local smoked Omul fish – amazing;Visit the tourist market;Take a boat to Peschanaya bay;Have a meal at one of the small cafes or restaurants on the lake;Baikal Limnological M…

Russian Gelendzhik

Situated in a natural bay on the Black Sea, Gelendzhik is a beautiful and historic Russian resort town with a range of attractions both natural and man-made. A popular summer holiday spot for Russians, Gelendzhik is home to sandy beaches, water parks, ancient monuments and lots of walking opportunities in the surrounding hills and valleys. Gelendzhik is one of a number of towns to be developed into a spa resort during the Soviet period of Russia's history, and today it remains a charming and relaxing holiday destination for people of all ages. Explore the best of Gelendzhik here. Beautiful Gelendzhik
Gelendzhik occupies a unique spot in a horseshoe-shaped bay on Russia's Black Sea coast, overlooked by densely forested hills. The town itself has all the features of a typical seaside resort, with long promenades and green parks by the sea where holidaymakers can watch boats come and go. The surrounding area is just as beautiful, and keen walkers will want to make the journey to the …

Anapa south paradise

For most Russians Anapa is the epitome of a cheap sunny vacation in the south. But beyond the smell of shashlik, corn, and beer, the small town offers a cultural heritage so it’s really worth a visit.

The first glance fibsAfter arriving by coach from Krasnodar (a three hour journey) the city of Anapa welcomes you with new houses, new shopping centers, new everything. In the center only a few streets are open to traffic - many are pedestrian zones.
From the bus station to the beach it’s a five minute walk. But you have to pass dozens of cheap souvenir stands, open self-service “stolovaya” cafes right on the street, people advertising boat tours around Anapa Bay, and some entertaining museums with reptiles, torture instruments, and waxworks. All the streets are fitted with speakers blaring pop and dance music all day, mostly Russian and Soviet classics. Right behind the big “Golden Beach” adventure pool you’ll find the entrance to the city beach. “Finally!” you’ll think. But nope, you won’…

Rostov on Don

Rostov-on-Don, Russian Rostov-na-Donu, city and administrative centre of Rostov oblast (province), southwestern Russia. It lies along the lower Don River, 30 miles (50 km) above the latter’s mouth on the Sea of Azov.

The city was founded in 1749 as the customs post of Temernika, when the river mouth was still in Turkish hands. It then became a flourishing trade centre. Between 1761 and 1763 the fortress of St. Dmitry of Rostov was built there, and a town developed around it, near the Armenian settlement of Nakhichevan-na-Donu, which later merged with Rostov. In 1797 town status was granted, and in 1806 it was named Rostov-on-Don. Because of its key position as a transport centre and port, the town grew steadily with the 19th-century Russian colonization and development of the north Caucasus region and conquest of the Transcaucasia.

Rostov has dozens of amazing sites. The most significant must-see on your Rostov tour is definitely the Rostov Kremlin placed in the center of the historic t…